Pipeline Security

The oil and gas industry operates in a persistently volatile atmosphere, threatened by criminal and terrorist assaults and requiring top-notch security strategies to protect the wellbeing of personnel and property alike. Pipeline safety and security is a growing problem. Providing perimeter security and flow disruption/spill monitoring is a high priority and as such, Raptor has developed a wide variety of applications, hardware and services for the job.

Raptor’s ‘perimeter security’ package offers multiple detection devices; microwave, passive infrared, acoustic, seismic, proximity and hard-wired alarms with a sophisticated multi-spectral surveillance video imagery system that transmits real-time video streamed images, or continuously updated high resolution snapshots, via wireless, cellular or satellite networks back to the Raptor tactical operations center.

Due to environmental factors, traditional detection systems tend to ‘false alarm’ thus, affecting accurate security alerts in the event of an actual problem. Raptor incorporates technology used by the US Department of Defense to separate the day-to-day clutter of normal operations from an ‘real’ alarm situation and establish a signature for both normal and potential threat conditions.

The status of the perimeter is constantly monitored, using Raptor's proprietary “Raptor-IMS” network management system. In the event of an incident, Raptor TOC personnel follow a carefully crafted escalation and notification procedure that incorporates any number of elements including, mass notification, coordination with local authorities, and, in certain circumstances, dispatching private security personnel to resolve the situation.