Refinery security

Oil refineries worldwide are particularly vulnerable to threats from terrorism, government instability or criminal activities. As such, Raptor has prepared a comprehensive package of applications, products and services for this industry. Raptor’s ‘holistic’ approach to supporting security for refineries begins with the needs assessment, and continues through to the implementation of an effective security and safety program for the facility and its personnel.

Raptor leverages it experience in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other high threat environments to validate its approach in safe guarding their clients’ assets. Regardless of facility or asset, Raptor uses the defense in depth or layer defense to mitigate the client’s risk. This is broken down into physical, technical, and administrative controls as well as program development and maintenance. Experience and history shows that the threat continues to evolve, Raptor’s approach to securing its clients’ assets adapts to these changes in the environment.

1) Raptor Advanced Security Technology

Raptor’s security technology group can provide a comprehensive package of safety services for refineries that supports a wide variety of perimeter security, facility monitoring, personnel status and asset recovery applications. This includes:

  • Ascertainment of security and safety needs
  • Security system design
  • Biometric and ‘tamper-proof’ access systems
  • High-resolution, infrared and starlight video surveillance systems
  • Asset control and personnel tracking and monitoring
  • Multi-zone/layer perimeter monitoring and virtual fences
  • Secure SCADA and DCS systems
  • Equipment installation and testing Operations, maintenance and training support

2) Raptor Security Support Services

Raptor offers a broad selection of security and safety support services. Raptor can bring to bear the resources of its highly qualified strategic partners, to work with its clients to provide a comprehensive assessment of real and perceived potential security threats. These services include:

  • Security consulting
  • Threat assessment
  • Security training
  • Critical infrastructure, facility and residential protection
  • Crisis action management and training
  • Disaster recovery

In addition, Raptor Security Support Services personnel can provide some of the most comprehensive security training available in the areas of:

  • Personal protection
  • Perimeter and facility guard training
  • Counter terrorism tactics
  • Counter insurgency techniques
  • Surveillance and Counter-surveillance training
  • Force protection training

Raptor Security Support Services personnel are:

  • Highly-trained professionals with years of military special operations and security sector experience.
  • Specially trained in threat collection, analysis, interpretation of local conditions, and identifying and analyzing the profiles of potential adversaries.
  • Experienced in identifying the nature and magnitude of threats that may exist in a facility, perimeter or border security situation.