The Oil & Gas industry has a long history of operating in unstable political environments and is subject to the ever present political whims of the region. Today, with the price of oil is at record highs, oil has become the currency of power and those associated with its production are increasingly at risk.

As global demand for petrochemicals and hydrocarbon increases, so does the pressure to seek new ‘reserves’ in more remote and often hostile environments; rendering the industry vulnerable to criminal and political motivated dangers.

Understanding and quantifying the risks is of the utmost importance, and has become a full time effort for the oil industry. By delegating this challenging task to security experts, oil companies are able to maximize vital in-house resources, increasing productivity, strengthening their workforce and ultimately, boosting profit margins.

Raptor serves the security and safety needs of oil exploration, drilling and production companies, operating in high-risk geopolitical areas worldwide. Our energy experts have acquired the experience and competence to support our clientele, by examining the causes as well as the warning signs of security failures in volatile regions, which severely impact operations and prevent economic growth. We monitor the political and economic patterns of this critical sector to keep one-step-ahead of the ever changing turmoil of this essential industry.