Raptor ‘QwikCom’

Wide Area Rapid Response & Restoration Telecom Services From natural/man-made disasters, to anti-terrorism, communications reliability are critical factors for first responders.

Commercial networks are fragile and fast restorative solutions are limited. In response, Raptor has developed ‘QwikCom’, a rapidly deployed pre-packaged telecom solution intended to recover and sustain critical communications when disaster strikes.

QwikCom’s rapid response and restoration systems are used to support first responders and follow-up agencies in mitigating the effects of natural or man-made disasters by providing wide-area wireless broadband voice, high-speed data and video services.

QwikCom Telecom Restoration Services offer:

1) Wide-Area Rapid Response & Restoration Telecom Services

From tsunamis on remote islands, hurricanes in major cities and earthquakes in developing countries, to 9/11- style terrorism, communications reliability, survivability and security are critical factors in recovery. Commercial networks are fragile and restorative solutions limited. Recent events have provided ample evidence of a continuing and urgent need for enhanced ‘reactive’ disaster recovery capabilities, as well as providing ‘proactive’ solutions to mitigate the related risks.

In response to this requirement, Raptor Global Services, Inc. has developed ‘QwikCom’, a rapidly deployed pre-packaged telecom solution intended to recover and sustain critical communications when disaster strikes. QwikCom rapid response and restoration systems are used to support first responders and follow-up agencies in mitigating the effects of natural or manmade disasters by providing wide-area wireless broadband voice, high-speed data and video services. Raptor has extensive ‘hands-on’ experience, both domestically and worldwide, in the deployment of wireless broadband and satellite services in crisis situations.

2) ‘QwikCom’ Telecom Restoration Services are Unique

  • QwikCom rapid response wide-area telecom systems are designed to bridge the gap between ‘first response’ tactical communications, and the resumption of normal telecom infrastructure, during times of natural or manmade disasters.
  • QwikCom systems are designed to provide a high level of quality voice, video and data restoration and augmentation within a wide variety of hostile and devastated environments.
  • QwikCom on-board IP-based video system provides high-definition video from the scene of the disaster for remote situational and tactical analysis.
  • QwikCom rapid response telecom systems are intended to quickly restore the communications infrastructure used, not only by those charged with rescue and civil order, but also those enterprises that are engaged in the reestablishment of commerce and daily living.
Very often, first response communications is limited to two-way radio or satellite phone voice capability. The service area for a two-way radio-based system is usually small and interoperability between agencies is usually difficult if not non-existent. Raptor QwikCom rapid response telecom systems overcome these problems quickly and seamlessly using a variety of wireless and alternative power systems to blanket a wide area.

3) QwikCom Coverage Services

The rapid response telecom systems provided by QwikCom are much more encompassing than those normally available to first responders. These include:

  • High-speed Internet access
  • Voice-over-IP (VoIP) services
  • Two-way video conferencing
  • High quality video for surveillance and situation analysis purposes
  • Secure access into VPNs and Intranets
  • Telemedicine, including remote triage and medical evaluation services
  • Data retrieval and storage
  • Devices supported by the QwikCom wide-area wireless broadband network include:
  • Desktop Computers
  • Laptop Computers (in fixed and pedestrian mobile mode)
  • Smart Phones
  • SIP enabled VoIP Phones
  • Video Conferencing Systems (computer-based and stand-alone)
  • Video CODECS
  • Secure Routers/Servers
  • The wireless broadband ‘footprint’ extends to:
  • Between and within buildings
  • Throughout a campus or installation Within an affected geographical area regardless of the size. Multiple QwikCom trailers can be networked to provide universal coverage over a large geographic area
  • From an affected area to remote locations worldwide
  • From a central point to mobile locations within an affected area

4) QwikCom Communications System

The QwikCom system supports high quality telecommunications and Internet coverage through the application of ‘carrier grade’ wide-area Wi-Fi, point-to-multipoint WiMAX and ‘license-free point-to-point networks. The wireless feature allows on-site personnel to:

  • Communicate real-time with on and off-site rescue, operations and support personnel using portable VoIP-SIP phones.
  • Access regional or international telephony services (via VoIP).
  • Send and receive changes, modifications and updates to large file-size documents, drawings and plans to and from the scene, via FTP, over the Internet.
  • Access the Internet while roaming the area with laptops, ‘Smart Phones’ or any other Wi-Fi enabled device.

5) Video System

QwikCom not only provides high quality communications, it also supports a wide variety of camera options for video surveillance, triage and video conferencing applications including:

  • High-definition IP cameras with a variety of field-of-view and video resolution options.
  • Remotely controlled (via Internet) IP cameras providing a full range of electronic or mechanical pan, tilt and zoom functions.
  • Very low light and infrared (IR) cameras for extreme or poor lighting conditions.
  • Wireless portable high-definition cameras that can be used to monitor in fine detail the status of rescue activities, as well as specific elements of the recovery process.
  • Advanced video analytics for facial and license plate recognition and geo-fence applications.
  • The video system can be complemented by a high quality audio system that can be extended through the use of additional wireless audio pickup devices.

6) Security & Safety Enhancements

Optional ‘Trace-GEO’ enhancements are available in the QwikCom system to support a wide variety of security and safety applications such as:

  • Trace-GEO-MIDI (Multimodal Intrusion Detection & Identification): an advanced perimeter protection and monitoring solution that incorporates a wide range of sensors (motion detection, passive IR, acoustic and seismic transducers), high-definition video surveillance, video analytics and an intelligent incident management system, to remotely detect and identify intrusions and recommend response actions in the harshest environments.
  • TraceGEO-PST: wireless, satellite and GPS-based ‘Lone Worker’ and ‘Man-Down’ systems that support the monitoring and safety of personnel working in hazardous or potentially hostile environments.
  • TraceGEO-AST: a complete line of asset, vehicle and equipment tracking, status monitoring and incident management and resolution solutions and services.

In addition, machine-to-machine control and status monitoring is available through the application of the latest wireless M-M technology. The M-M system can be used to:

  • Remotely turn on and off pumps, generators and other site equipment.
  • Monitor the status of electrical systems, engines and support systems.
  • Poll performance and maintenance data from the J Bus of construction equipment.

7) System Range

  • Depending on topography, buildings and site clutter a single QwikCom system can effectively cover a perimeter with a radius of approximately two hundred to three hundred meters.
  • The effective range of the system can be extended to up to five kilometers or more by adding additional QwikCom modules.
  • Wi-Fi and ‘mesh’ technology is used to provide ‘seamless’ coverage for large areas, or along lengthy perimeters or travel corridors.

8) System Power

The standard QwikCom system is powered by a commercial 120-240 VAC (50-60 Hz) power source. However, due to the unreliable nature of power sources in many disaster situations the QwikCom system is equipped with a generator and battery backup that provides for up to eight hours of self-contained power.

  • Backup power can be extended for up to twenty-four hours through the application of additional battery modules.
  • Optional solar and wind power systems are available for deployment in areas where commercial power is unreliable or generator fuel is unavailable.
  • These alternative power systems are backed up with a twenty four to forty-eight hour battery reserve.

9) Backhaul

The QwikCom system accesses Internet and VoIP gateways using a variety of backhaul systems:

  • Point-to-point high-capacity wireless connectivity to the nearest active access point
  • 4G WiMAX and LTE (if networks are active in the area)
  • Very small aperture satellite (VSAT) uplinks (if no other backhaul medium is available).

The VSAT system is available in two configurations

  • Transmitting full-time on a dedicated single-channel-per-carrier (SCPC) basis.
  • Transmitting on a ‘band-width-on-demand’ (shared hub) basis.
The amount of throughput for either configuration is application and client dependent.

10) System Configurations

The QwikCom system is available in three configurations:

  • ‘PortaQwik’ portable rapidly deployed system that is packaged in seven ATA cases that can be loaded on a commercial airliner or military helicopter.
  • QwikCom’: a mobile trailer mounted system that is packaged for longer term deployments, supporting larger coverage areas, where access by road is possible. The mobile trailer design allows it to be broken down in a ‘palletized’ configuration for transport by military or commercial aircraft.
  • SMART Pole’ a static system mounted on rigid monopoles designed for semi-permanent installations where a longer term solution is required.

11) Summary of Features

An extended-area Wi-Fi system designed to support high-quality voice, data and video.

  • Point-to-point and mesh interconnectivity for networking and backhaul capability.
  • Site-wide wireless pedestrian mobile Internet access for laptops, ‘smart phones’, and other Wi-Fi enabled devices.
  • High-resolution low-to-high light level digital video cameras equipped for Internet-controlled remote pan, tilt and zoom.
  • Portable wireless high-resolution camera with macro-zoom lens for close examination of details during rescue, recovery and medical triage events.
  • Alternative powering options including solar, wind and bio-fuel.
  • Rapidly deployable to any location domestically and internationally.

12) QwikCom (Portable) - rates

Please Note: ‘SMART Pole’ networks are deployed as part of a semi-permanent or permanent telecom response and are designed specifically for a particular application. As such, pricing is on a case-by-case basis.

  • Retained customers receive a credit of up to 50% of the annual retainer during a deployment occurring in the same calendar year.
  • If customer provides satellite bandwidth no additional bandwidth charges apply other than Internet and VoIP connection fees.
  • Charges begin at the time of deployment and are payable in US Dollars (USD).

13) QwikCom (Mobile) - rates

Please Note: ‘SMART Pole’ networks are deployed as part of a semi-permanent or permanent telecom response and are designed specifically for a particular application. As such, pricing is on a case-by-case basis.

14) QwikCamp

Rapidly Deployed Secure Housing in Hostile Environments

Raptor has a solution to secure housing, workspace and communications requirements in hostile environments. The Raptor QwikCamp- SMF system can be rapidly deployed to locations virtually anywhere in the world where a threat to personnel, facilities and assets may exist. The QwikCamp-SMF provides a level of security and comfort rarely available in high-risk hostile environments.

Security Features

Raptor QwikCamp-SMF secure modular facility incorporates a variety of safety and security features designed to provide for the protection of personnel and assets. These include:

  • A secure limited-access entrance with guard shack and holding area.
  • An outer perimeter, surrounded by a twelve-foot chain-link fence with stands of security barbwire.
  • An inner ‘T-wall’ barrier capable of preventing aimed or stray rounds from entering the living space.
  • A variety of TraceGEO perimeter security sensors, including motion, seismic and acoustic detectors, installed in the zone between barriers, and in strategic locations inside and outside of the compound.
  • SITE MAST-R video surveillance systems, employing high-resolution, low-light and infrared cameras, along perimeters, at access gates and inside the compound.
  • Optional Kevlar module inner liner and sa
  • ety glass, capable of stopping a 7.62 mm round.
  • The compound is designed and landscaped with a minimum of site ‘clutter’ with open areas that can be easily monitored.
  • There are a number of additional and supplemental security features included, but these are of a confidential nature and can be discussed with qualified inquirers.

In addition to the technology-based security features noted above, Raptor also offers a complete physical security package including:

  • Armed guards to protect the site, and restrict access to authorized personnel only.
  • Low profile personal personnel to protect personnel from the threats of kidnapping and personal injury.
  • High profile security and convoy escorts when traveling to and from the compound.
  • Translators and English speaking administrative support personnel.