Our business approach reflects the basic principles for our continued success and delivery of our strategic planning. These include strong and effective risk management, maintaining high standards of governance, transparency and anti-corruption, developing a multi-disciplined and diverse entrepreneurial team and making a positive and lasting contribution where we operate. 

At Raptor, we are a client-focused firm, diligent about safety and security measures in all our operations, ensuring a successful business outcome, while respecting the local culture by empowering the communities in which we serve. Our solutions dynamically connect business transactions, strategies, and operations to the ever-changing, high-risk environments of developing markets by providing ‘at-risk’ industries with informed logistics and effective solutions. 

Our client groups are among the most vulnerable industries, including the energy, maritime and mineral extraction sectors, operating in severely challenging regions worldwide. Our innovative approach represents years of field experience, along with the all-encompassing understanding of our customer’s business, which enables us to deliver effective strategies and solutions that persevere throughout the life of the project.

We value our clients’ safety and success and are vigilant of the ever-shifting political and economical realities of emerging markets and vigorously assess factors that may impact our clients' operations. Likewise, we enforce regular evaluations of our standard operating procedures and diligently adhere to international best-industry practices.