To offer technology-based security and practical applications providing innovative solutions to government, corporate, and private clientele.

Raptor Global is an international risk mitigation firm, headquartered in the USA, specializing in system integration and solutions across land, sea and air; providing the highest quality technology-based security applications in high-risk situations, at cost-effective prices.

We have assembled a superior level of military expertise with an experienced team of American and British security professionals qualified in the fields of intelligence, engineering, counter-narcotic & terrorism, aviation & maritime security, government safety, as well as the energy sector in emerging markets.

Our mission is to offer a synergistic approach to the security and risk mitigation industry. Raptor’s ability to successfully integrate a variety of products and applications into a comprehensive end-to-end security solution, as well as our strategic partnerships with security specialist worldwide, enables us to offer swift “first responder” deployment, providing us an edge when insuring the safety of personnel, the security of facilities and the protection of assets.

From planning to deployment, we treat our clientele’s challenges with a sense of urgency, diligence and discretion, offering cost effective solutions and ensuring to conduct our operations within the limits of national and international laws; providing our patrons’ with safety and assurance to focus on their business objectives.