Max Pincione - Chief Executive Officer - CEO

Co-founder of Levant Holdings, a financial strategy and management consulting firm established in 2006, with offices in New York and Riyadh, KSA. Levant Capital assists global companies to find growth opportunities across the Middle East region; where our clientele encompasses industry leaders in the energy, finance and construction sectors, as well as high net worth individuals and royal family offices. We’ve cultivated an Read more
extensive network of key-player executives and government officials, providing us with precise and profound insights into regulatory compliance, logistics and market forecasts; which enables and generates a wide range of business opportunities. Former key member of the management team of Harry Winston Jewelers, where he helped establish the company as a premier luxury brand, worldwide. Close

Jim Shearer - Chief Operating Officer - COO

Jim has more than 32 years of experience in advanced personal, asset, dignitary, police and military security operations in both permissive and non-permissive environments. Jim has previously served as the Deputy Team Leader of the Basra, Iraq Provincial Reconstruction Team, which is an interagency team which includes members of the UN, and USG that serves as the lead agency for executing US policies in the Province,Read more
managing over $180 million in projects and overseeing $320 million dollars. As a Special Operations Officer, he has planned and executed training to over a 1000 police and military personnel from four continents, in counter-narcotic, counter-terrorist, counter-proliferation, and a wide variety of other military and paramilitary activities. He has a Masters, Strategic Planning for Critical Infrastructure from the University of Washington, and BA in International Affairs for Latin America, from the University of Colorado. Jim has also completed the U.S. Army War College and is a Special Forces Colonel in the Army Reserve. Close

Steve Tiddy - Managing Director, Executive Protection

Steve has over 30 years of service as part of an elite team from the Metropolitan Police in London, where he worked with many notable figureheads, including: President George HW Bush of United States, Henry Kissinger of United States, President Mitterrand of France,  President FW De Klerk of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, King Hussein of Jordan, King Abdullah of Jordan, King Ahmed Shah of Malaysia, Crown Read more
Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia (now King Abdullah), Yasser Arafat (PLO), President Begin of Israel, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi of India; among other international leaders. Following an illustrious career, Steve went into the private sector.  Initially engaged in Risk Management in California, he was later appointed Managing Director of the Eastern International Academy in Jordan.  After returning to the United Kingdom he began working in Libya helping to support a number of projects that included Design Engineering and Construction.  Steve is currently Chairman of Smarket, a performance based lead generation marketing Company and has more recently been appointed as Managing Director of Marco Polo, an archaeological Company based in Italy. Close

Mark Billingham - Managing Director, Special Operations

Mark is a highly experienced skilled and versatile former UK Special Forces (UKSF) manager who completed a service career in 22 Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) achieving the rank of Warrant Officer 1st Class (WO1). Gained operational experience in a wide range of threats around the globe, often working in Read more
extreme and arduous conditions in conjunction with government, military and civil agencies. Since leaving the full time military service 5 years ago, but continuing a High Readiness Reserves position (Ldet), he has gained wide and credible commercial experience ranging from security commercial contracts, operations in hostile environments to managing the security and welfare of high net worth/A-list celebrities and their families. Close

Thomas Bigley - Director of Infrastructure Protection

Tom has over 29 years of military, corporate and dignitary protection experience. Accomplished leader with over 25 years of leadership experience in managing people in high threat environments. Unparalleled level of experience, training and success in managing client risk in a variety of areas on a daily basis. Developer and inventor of several SOF unique products, Former Delta Operator.

Paul Garcia - Director of Military Training

Paul has over 28 years of military, corporate and dignitary protection experience. Accomplished corporate president with over 15 years of leadership experience in military contracting. Unparalleled level of experience, training and success in managing client risk in areas that range from marginal to hostile on a daily basis. Former Special Forces and Ranger Officer.