All crude oil, natural gas, and other hydrocarbon products flow through pipelines from inception wells to refineries, till their final distribution. Whether aboveground, underground or beneath the sea, pipelines are the industry’s safest and most economical means of transporting these products.

The key to a cost-effective pipeline integrity ‘corrosion protection’ program, is the timely monitoring and reporting of cathodic protection. Through remote technology, data now moves from isolated ‘corrosion protection sites’, to a centralized data collection system in a completely automated fashion.

Nevertheless, terrorist and criminal targeting has escalated and grown more sophisticated thru cyber or biochemical attacks, making these projects more challenging throughout the world. In addition, political uncertainties, regulatory compliance, operating budgets and security breaches, further complicate the fluidity of this vital segment of the industry.

It is within this fragile geopolitical framework and new focus on automation that Raptor has developed technology-based, anti-sabotage safety strategies, utilizing systems integration expertise and providing speedy solutions, through: data acquisition, systems monitoring, system maintenance, structural data analysis, consultancy and protection services.

Combining our proficiency as leaders in ‘risk mitigation solutions’, we work closely with you to leverage internal resources and save costs. Through our engineering, logistics, survey and mapping capabilities, we help you successfully navigate and fulfill all your pipeline’s project requirements.