As we work to help meet the world’s growing risk mitigation needs, we aim to bring benefits to local communities and reduce the impacts of our operations. Our core values of honesty, integrity and respect for people are the fundamental cornerstone of our corporate philosophy.

At Raptor, we are committed to uphold the local culture and political environment of emerging markets, while performing all activities with respect for the people, their culture and their traditions.

We recognize the economic challenges of developing nations and we endeavor to recruit, train and promote local talent, as well as employing locally-owned businesses to supply goods and services.

Our objective is to maximize the employment and training of nationals, improving the individual’s capacities through “knowledge-transference”, teaching them new skills and new advances in clean-technology, capacitating them to sustain employment, thereby benefiting the local economy and their community. We strive to maintain close relations throughout the life of the project to ensure successful results.

Ultimately, assets, premises and personal security is amplified through these alliances due to our initiative of promoting home-grown intelligence; which in turn offers us freedom of movement, enabling us to create safe and secure surroundings in a discrete and sustainable manner.